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Antennas, Baluns, RF, etc.

Antennas are the Key! - This site rocks. Propogation Loss, Antenna Gain, Transmit Power, Analysing Antennas, Charts, Elevation, The Whole Nine Yards .... stop by and Learn Here.

Antenna Site by K0BG:

DX Zone - Nearly everything you ever need to know!

EZNEC - Antenna Modeling Software by W7EL (Free Demo)

Easy to Build Ham Radio Antenna Projects by PD7MAA
Check out this 1:64 transformer for end-fed antennas for 3.5 to 30 mHz

Max Gain Fiberglass Extendable Poles - Fiberglass extendable support poles, RF connectors, relays, vacuum capacitors.

NVIS Antenna (pdf File) - How to build one.

Palomar Engineers - Baluns, RF suppression devices, chokes. Bob is a great guy - and he knows his stuff. If you need it, I recommend you buy it here. Just, well, don't get all "choked" up over it. (hi hi). - Power supplies, accessories, wire and cable, batteries and chargers, and more. See their SS-30DV ultra-compact unit.

Radio Dan - If he can't do it no one can. Solve your RF, that is.

Radio WAVZ - Current baluns, isolation transformers - One Eham Review Not so great tech support but very friendly people when you can catch them.

Random Wire Antenna Lengths - How long, some magic numbers and charts.

RF Grounding with a Balun Feed - Transformer coupling and properly grounding your end-fed antenna.

SGC Couplers - For antennas, tuners and amps. - Everything. Antennas (impressive photo gallery), amps, filters, feed lines, propagation

SWR - The real SWR Page - You decide.

TAK-Tenna - Looks like two Weber grill grates side by side. Says no grounds or radials needed and is small and stealthy. Hamuniverse Review

VE3SQB Antenna Design Programs - Now, first I should say that I heard this link while listening to Murray's Swapmeet on Thursday, 7-31-2014 - to give it credibility - which is good because it has a lot of .exe programs to download so that you will be aware -- .exe programs have the potential to corrupt your computer - still, Murray's crew approval is golden. Either way, it is always good to virus check any and all files first - particularly the exe. Now, with that said, it was said that these programs, for bazooka, quads and more, were touted to be top notch, so enjoy. He has this cool QTH on the Map thing, to check it out.... Click Here

West Mountain Radio Calculators - HIn addition to sales, WMR has great ham radio info. Calcuators too. Check it out. It is a must see for experimenters, builders and field day operations.

Wire Antenna for 75 and 80 Meters - See it, build it, homebrew!

Zebra Ham Radio Electronics - Growing store, bookmark for now.


star with a Z Best Lengths for Random Wire Antennas:
In Feet: 29 35.5 41 58 71 84 107 119 148 203 347 407 423


The Magazine Lounge

73 MAGAZINE - JULY 1963 - Enjoy! And, if I am right, I think you can wander around this site and find all the issues of 74 Magazine.

CQ MAGAZINE - JULY 1963 - Just what the doctor ordered when he thought of burnt out resistors and shiny new radios - antennas and more - I could go on but what's the point.

Someone let me know if this print is too small and I will revise this page to be more readable. I find it small on some browsers and laptops, and bigger on others. Thanks!

More Stuff

Redlands, California Banking Scandal Story - 2011 to 2014 - Ever wonder why your boss seems to be making 10 times as much as all the other guys in the same industry bracket? 30 years ago I always did. Having to put up with all his non-stop bragging, this is the cherry on top! So read all about Despository Mischeif and Tom Foolery! Where it started, start with the first article.

Pretty Pictures - From beyond our atmosphere - Mars surface - more to come -

Bronze Wildlife Sculptures - Lifesize bronze sculptures from the brother of K7STD. Many of them are lifesize! And, one is located at Quantico.



ART for Your Shack

Scott Bruckner, Sculptures in Wood - Scott is one of the most personable people I have ever met. He is a driving force in the local Carlsbad, California art community, the Carlsbad-Oceanside Art League. You have to see his work. He also has a page here.


The Big Quiet Zebra
Thanks You for Visiting!

Software & Projects to Build

DX Lab Software - and Eham Review of DX Lab Software Products

DxAtlas - Ham Radio Software

Edmunds Scientific - Projects, kits, gifts galore!

SDR for your computer:

Funcube Dongle:

G4ILO's WebSite (England's Propagation Guy) - Lots of info and worth a visit, click here

HF Propagation - - This will let you know when the band is good, or not so good. LOTS of fun stuff.

Kits and Parts dot Com - Name says it all. Blog - Safe Mode on Your Computer - To run, or not to run, and how as pertains to viruses.


Maps (Giligan! Where are we?)

CQ DX Zones Map of the World - Working DX on CW, or planning to, this is a must for your toolkit.

Grid Square Locator - "Maidenhead" - lets you enter the grid number and then takes you there on the map. Pretty simple. Normally we get the call sign and then learn the grid number, this is the other way around, and handy to have.

Ham Radio Maps - Lots of maps, not just one or two. And when you're finished, there is much more to this site, check it out. I particularly liked the Irish Light Houses map .... very nice, because with a name like O'Neill, well, you know the rest . . .

U.S. Grid Square Map (PDF) - Great sharp image of the U.S. with the overlay. Get it while it's hot, it's the special of the day.

Computers (DYI Friday)

How to Clean Your Slow Computer - The computer guy wanted $99 plus $169, I think, to come out and clean my laptop. Really? (ref: Tech2U, San Diego). Learn how to DIY, it is really easy. Keep your money, Click Here

.Installing Laptop Memory for more RAM - Your computer guy wants to charge you $169 plus the cost of the ram. Don't let him do something like that to you when it is so doggone simple to do - and it only takes 10 minutes. Here is the video to prove it. Visit to get your memory sticks - no long on-hold wait, english, knowledgeable. I purchased from them. Free Shipping too,I might add.

Keystroke Tips or PCs: Contorl-C is "copy" -- Control-V is "paste" -- Control-Z is go-back -- Control-Y - put it back.

Object Dock - This is a very cool interface icon dock for your desktop. It has an animated feel to let you glide through your icons.

Open Graph Protocol - The Open Graph protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. For instance, this is used on Facebook to allow any web page to have the same functionality as any other object on Facebook.

When to Run Safe Mode - This is a good thing to run first and then scan for viruses. Remember the F8 key when you are booting up

.star with a Z Windows Run Commands - Ever wonder where that guy who fixes your computer gets his magic gibberish codes to enter into your Run Command line? (in your start menu) Wellll, now, wonder no more. Feast your eyes on this list. This compendium might just blow you away!

Word Press - Are you hard pressed for WordPress? Themes, support, blogs, mobile, get involved and even hosting - you name it, it's all here and waiting for you to jump right on in. You might not even have to check your wallet at the door, por favor.

Portfolio of Knowledge - Lots of good information. Here's a guy who is already doing what I wish I could do. Bravo! Part the curtains for the wonderful Oz, he's in the house!


And then there's more:

Jabra Wireless Headsets - Need to run and get that next cup of coffee? Well, no need to miss out, you can take the QSO with you, even talk as well.

Magnum Mania Years Later -- and this 2

Killer Commercial 1 full watt Router from RouterBoard - RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN - NOT Plug-n-Play, for sure, this is commercial brand and has ten times the wattage (not shown) that your average residential Best Buy/Staples/Frys/etc. routers have. It's awesome, or so I'm told, but have a geek squared to help you through it. But wait, there's more in their line - more

Solar A and K Explained (this is a PDF file, so if you get a warning, no need to worry - it would just be a generic warning and nothing to fret - but this is an excellent article sent to me from K7STD up in Friday Harbor, Washington.

Pig Remote - Looking to go Remote? Here's a solution

Remote Rig - Another solution, works great, hard to program, but maybe they all are. Once you find a geek to program it, you're good to go, unless you change your home router

Mago Links - Like a travel site, a food site . . . I haven't decided yet. Oh wait, there are books, lodging ... lots of fun

The Ionosphere- Explained

Radio History - The History of communications from rock, chisel, smoke signals and two if by land, to modern day and beyond, a good read and a contributed link from a Zebra Fan. Thanks Peyton!

Miscellaneous Ham
(aka "to be categorized")

Amateur Radio Glossary - This is a WOW. A TON of info.

Bandwidth Test Example

Big Bear Lake, CA Solar Observatory - Possibly the biggest solar telescope in the world. And the reason it is there in the first place is because Big Bear has the most sunny days of the year.

FTdx1200 QST Article - Good review with ARRL comments.

Grid Square Conversion Tool - That's right, latitude with attitude. Make a convert out of you!

Ham Humor - Brought to you by the Pine Valley Repeater Club and W9PVR.

Ham Radio Terms (PDF file) - Brought to you by Icom America - Hams have a language all their own, find all the terms and lingo here.

star with a Z Ham Whisperer dot com - THIS IS PURE GOLD! The best favor you could ever do any aspiring ham is to turn them on to this web site onine video course.. Totally free video (slideshow) presentation that they will come back and thank you for over and over again. Technician and General. THIS IS A DON'T MISS (hence, the star). One lesson and you're hooked! Update: it needs to be updated, so only use as a guideline, then study everything current so that you'll pass with flying colors!

HF Propagation Quickguide -Using Solar Indices -Brought to you by N6LVI

HF Propagation - - This will let you know when the band is good, or not so good. LOTS of fun stuff.

Metric Conversions - Ah, thinking about converting? Here is a place where you can convert just about anything - well, almost anything - you can't convert a cat into a dog, but you can convert anything metric and more.

Scanner Frequencies (SoCal) - Brought to you by - Lots of numbers in the 800s, and all those guys you really don't wanna see in your rear view mirror!

Space Weather dot com - Name says it all.

star with a Z Studying for the Extra Class License (PDF) - This one is also pure gold! It has my top endorsement (hence, the star). Go to page 8 first to get a feel for it, and then start at page 1. Makes studying for the exam so very much easier. I cannot emphasize this enough.You combine it with the online tests, the Extra Class Manual from ARRL and you are good to go! Extra Extra, read all about it!

Understanding Solar Indexes - All about A, K & Sn, this is a great study on how it all fits together. Thanks to Steve, K7STD, for passing it along!

Weather for You - Add weather icons for your web site

and now for. . .


Some of the More Interesting Sites I Have Found:

S.S Valley Camp Museum Ship - Sault Saint Marie, Michigan
You have to visit the Shipwreck Museum too!

THE CRYSTAL ROOM - Have an itch for a stone? A yen for a gem? Stained Glass? Tone Bowls and Jewelry. Even let a crystal choose you today and become as one. Visit

USA Cycling - This site given to me by W6WBT whose grandson has won contests at major events.This is a great site for cycling enthusiasts. I am always in awe over the age groups who still cycles almost every day. I know Murray on the 7.235 Swap Net is an avid cyclist; so too is Ron at HRO in San Diego

A Few Very Cool WebCams

Santa Cruz Island Reserve - And here is one (click)

Palomar Mountain WebCam - Also includes a guide of what you are peering at.

Eagle WebCams - Giving us the Bird

Dining Cams from the University of Santa Barbara - Not sure if this is a good idea or not, but nevertheless, here it is. When I posted this I watched a bird hopping around looking for crumbs.

Kelp Cam - Live from the Birch Acquarium UC San Diego, where you can even see small shark, or baracude, feeding time!


fire icon ~More Fire in your Wire~ fire icon
icon antenna ~ Up, Up and Away ~ icon antenna

icon antenna ~DX Here We Come~ icon antenna

Acom - HF Amplifiers

Alpha - HF Amplifiers

Ameritron - HF Amplifiers

QRO - HF Amplifiers

Mirage - VHF Amplifiers


Array Solutions  - HF Antennas

Antenna Systems  - HF Antennas

Baz Spezialantennan - HF

AntennasCushcraft  - HF

AntennasGAP  - HF

Vertical Antennas

Hex Beam - HF Antennas

Hustler - HF & VHF Antennas


- Quad HF

AntennasHy-Gain - HF  - All Antennas

Mosley - HF Antennas

Screwdriver - HF Antennas

Steppir - HF Antennas

TAK-tenna - HF Antennas

And any links I might have missed?

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Zebra Ham Radio dot com

You still here?

Still can't settle on a link to go to? Here's one I just ran into.

Has loads of antenna info:

Arm yourself with Excedrin, it's a brain squeezer. Lots of mathematics.

Oh joy.But on the brightside, it has a forum too! If that one is too taxing,

this is a great antenna project

By a guy who shows you how to wind the coil, build the antennaIt is a dream for anyone

who is looking for that rare pagewhere the guesswork isn't a problem.

He'll give you everything you need. Step by step. Enjoy.

Now, what was I looking for when I came into this room?



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